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Investor Visa Treaty Trader (E-1)

Temporary Work Visas
Employment – Non-Immigrant
Investor Visa Treaty Trader (E-1)

This visa is available if a foreign national is coming to the United States to work for, or establish a branch or subsidiary, or affiliate of the foreign company which is established for the principal purpose of trading with the Parent or affiliate foreign company from the United States.


A reciprocal treaty must exist between the United States and the country of the foreign national.
The trade must be substantial.
Processing Time:

60 (sixty) to 90 (ninety) days for us to obtain such a visa for you.

Allowable Duration of Stay:

You may stay in this category in the US for unlimited time. This visa must be renewed periodically, generally every other year.
Accompanying spouse and children under 21 (twenty-one) years can come along.